Sunday, February 12, 2017

It will be Quonset

After looking at several pieces of proprty and putting in an offer on two. Finally in June of 2016, i had an offer accepted (you will be able to read about it in a future post). The nice part about this property is it already had three buildings. The first was a "home depot" type build on site shed. The second was shed with two wooden garage doors, and the last one was a 20 foot by 24 foot half Quonset. The arch of the hut is set on about 36" of cinder block with the other 3 sides being of 2x6 stud contruction.

After looking at the 3 sheds, the quonset hut is what i decided I would convert into my first tiny house. We would be buidling it as close to code as possiable. The hut included 2 small windows on each of the arched sides, and on the flat faced side there is a standard pedistrian door as well as a garage door.

Everything is is good shape, just need to have all the junk removed, cleaned and then can begin building. The plan is to create a bedroom, bathroom and living area with a kitchen.

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  1. I've never seen that design before. looks great for a no leak roof and rain water collection!