Thursday, February 2, 2017

Getting started is half the battle

Where do you start? 

I generally read a lot of blogs or watch youtube channels about things i am intrested in. They seem so well done. Even if they are not the most professional, they do a good job and seem to know that they are doing. But i what I seldom do is go back to their very begining to see what their early stuff was like. Did it seem awkard? Undirected? Filled with mistakes?

The one thing they have incommon, is they STARTED. Which has been my issue. I have been wanting document the journey i am on, but never seem to put fingers to the keys and get it done. I have tons of ideas about what i want to include. I even write posts or think of video idea in my head. Which is strange becasue i used to be a job was to document things.

Well that stops now.

A co-worker annouced a few weeks ago that he was "retiring" and was taking the first part of his retirement to hiike the appliataion trail. Within a few days he had a blog and several post. All the while, I have already be on my adventure. The planning of "the dream" has been going on  for several years, but things really started happening the middle of 2016.

So what is the adventure? It is really multi-layered, but put simply, to enjoy live knowing I have the freedom of time, money and place to do what i want.

So some of the things the blog will be about is building a tiny house myself on a five acre piece of land in New Mexcio. Another is building a tiny house on wheels to be able to travel and feel at home. The last is to enjoy my time with my dogs (I currently have 2) and make sure they enjoy an adventerous life. So that is what the blog, video (if i ever edit them) and photos will be about. I will try to share things i learned. How/why i made the decissions I did. The stress and fun along the way.

So hopefully with this first one i can now say i am started, and find a way to keep going. 

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  1. Woohoo! I have enjoyed hearing about your adventures and look forward to following along with your blog. Your stories will be an inspiration to many; I know they have been for me.